CRYSTARM provides the latest generation of high-grade integral waterproofing concrete by crystallization technology, where the concrete becomes self-waterproofing and highly durable. CRYSTARM technology enhances the strength, performance, and service life of the concrete by protecting it against corrosion of reinforcing steel, seawater, wastewater, and many other aggressive chemicals.



CRYSTARM technology is used for all types of waterproofing and concrete corrosion protection. Typical structures are water retaining walls, water tanks, tunnels, dams, bridges, piles, canals, marine structures, foundations, basements, infrastructure, swimming pools, cooling towers, below-grade concrete pipelines, elevator shafts, sewage tanks, waste treatment facilities, Industrial facilities, etc.


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Crystalline waterproofing admixture specifically formulated to protect concrete in-depth.CRYST ADMIXTURE is mixed with the concrete at the time of batching and reacts with cement that provides permanent waterproofing concrete for positive and negative water pressures by forming nano-crystals that seals capillary pores, voids and cracks in the concrete structures. These nano-crystals are active for the lifetime of the concrete to prevent any further water ingress.


CRYST SLURRY Is a concrete surface applied that becomes an integral part of concrete through a crystallization process, which waterproofs and protects concrete in-depth. CRYST SLURRY is designed to penetrate deeply into the substrate by active crystallization to achieve permanent waterproofing and protect the concrete against seawater, wastewater, and many other aggressive chemicals. When CRYST SLURRY is applied to either the positive or negative side of the concrete surface, the active material self-healing any pores, or cracks in the concrete to stop any ingress of water and retain the crystalizing reaction over the concrete lifetime.

Advantages of Crystalline Technology

After the concrete has been placed became an integral part of the concrete to be waterproofing, chemical resistance, and other enhanced concrete properties remain active to resume self healing the concrete if cracks appear again.  

The ability to autogenously seal capillary pores and micro-cracks deeply in concrete up to 500 microns in width.

CRYSTARM technology helps to protect the environment during the manufacture, and use of the product.

Easy and fast application by adding CRYST ADMIXTURE at the time of batching to ready-mix concrete, which reduces the construction time schedule of the project duration.

CRYSTARM technology does not contain any volatile organic compound (VOC) and No membrane separation is required from the concrete. Moreover, waterborne contaminants are not present in the concrete.

CRYSTARM technology is a smart waterproofing system that is used as a stand-alone waterproofing system. No membranes are needed (Traditional System).

Integral waterproofing will not be torn or damaged during backfill, and will not delaminate, decompose or wear out.

Unlike membrane and barrier systems, the concrete treated with a crystalline material remains active during the concrete lifetime.

 It increases the strength of concrete 2x times.

Increase compressive, tensile, and flexural strengths of concrete by sealing the capillary pores and micro cracks in the concrete structures.

CRYSTARM crystalline products can be applied to either new or existing concrete as a coating (from the positive or negative side), as a dry shake to horizontal surfaces, or as an admixture at the time of batching.

Nontoxic – ideal for potable water application use.

Minimizes any future waterproofing-related maintenance. If major cracks do develop, integral waterproofing can easily be repaired from the inside (negative side) of the structure.

Provides easier applications, longer open times and, simpler, faster crack treatments, resulting in lower application costs.

Extending the concrete lifetime with CRYSTARM technology


The concrete structure is essentially hard and has a network of capillary porous and voids that is subject to cracking at any time of its life, making it easy for water to penetrate into the concrete through capillary pores and cracks. when the water passed inside the concrete structure can cause a wide range of problems that damage the concrete or the rebar steel. This can dramatically affect the strength, durability, and lifetime of the concrete structure.

CRYSTARM crystalline products are designed to produce active crack-healing crystals and resulting in a crystalline lattice that fills concrete porosity, which enhances the durability, strength, overall performance, and lifespan of concrete by protecting it against corrosion of reinforcing steel and aggressive chemicals.

The active crystalline material penetrates deeply into the concrete through the network of cracks, and pores, and by reacting with the cement paste, it forms nano-crystals to fill the pores, voids and cracks up to a width of 500 microns in the concrete structure. These nano-crystals are non-soluble and active crack healing to provide the most effective system and permanent waterproofing concrete for positive and negative water pressures. if any new cracks appear the active crystalline components in the concrete structure resume automatically the self-healing process.

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