CRYST ADMIXTURE® is a concentrate crystalline waterproofing admixture for concrete specifically formulated to protect concrete in-depth and reinforcing steel against corrosion. When CRYST ADMIXTURE® is mixed with the concrete at the time of batching reacts with cement that provides permanent waterproofing concrete by forming nanocrystals that seal the capillary pores and cracks in the concrete structures. These nanocrystals are active for the life of the concrete to prevent any further water ingress. CRYST ADMIXTURE® is designed to provide durability to concrete by protecting it against corrosion of reinforcing steel and aggressive chemicals. With CRYST ADMIXTURE® the concrete is permanently waterproofed for positive and negative water pressures, even under high hydrostatic pressure.

Used for all types of waterproofing and concrete corrosion protection in:

  • Below grade: parking structures, basements, elevator pits, and foundations of towers.
  • Water containment: water tanks.
  • Waste treatment Facilities: reservoirs, water treatment tanks, sewage, and manholes.
  • Tunnels, subway systems, and below-grade concrete pipelines,
  • Marine structures.
  • Bridges, dams, and highway infrastructure.
  • Swimming pools, decks, bathrooms, and garages.
  • Precast, and shotcrete applications.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Active crystallization to seal cracks up to 0.5mm wide, even if they appear after the setting of concrete.
  • Effective against extreme hydrostatic pressure from either the positive or negative surface of the concrete.
  • Does not tear, puncture or delaminate as membranes can.
  • Improves workability and strength.
  • Non-toxic – ideal for potable water
  • Protection of the reinforced steel from corrosion.
  • Replaces the use of unreliable exterior membranes, liners, and coatings.
  • Permanently waterproof and active throughout the life (longevity) of the structure, thus it prevents water from penetrating the building.
  • Protects against water, chloride, sulfate ingress, and chemical attack.
  • Reduces construction scheduling time.
  • Protects against concrete carbonation.
  • Improves durability of concrete.
  • Added to the mix during the batching process, so it’s not affected by weather conditions.
  • Significant decrease in water absorption by capillaries.
  • No VOCs.
  • Suitable with other concrete admixtures.

CRYST ADMIXTURE® is available in 20 kg bags or pails