CRYST BOND® is a high solid aqueous dispersion of styrene acrylic Co-Polymer in liquid form. The dispersion contains
an anionic emulsifier system & is free from film forming aids, APEO, solvents, and plasticizers. CRYST BOND® specially
designed for universal use such as a high strength admixture, curing agent, and bonding agent for cement mortar and
concrete. It provides excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, hydrolysis, moisture and attack by acids or other watersoluble chemicals. As a polymer modifier, it provides improved cement hydration and bonding properties that allow
for applications as thin as a feather edge. When used as a bonding slurry, the bond strength is retained even in damp
exterior conditions. It can be used for bonding fresh mortar or concrete to existing concrete or other sound substrates,
such as brick or block, in nonstructural applications.

Suitable for use on all interior and exterior applications and to improving the physical properties of cementitious mix.
Typical uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Admixture for cement sand mixes.
  • Bonding agent between multiple lifts of self-leveling, screeds, concrete, slip bricks, ceramic tiles, plasters,
    renders, cementitious repair materials, and fair-faced concrete.
  • Primer for porous or non-porous substrates.
  • Curing membrane, ready to receive further cementitious renders by re-priming.
  • As two-componentsfor Waterproof renders and cementitious waterproofing membranes it lead to make
    the slurry flexible.
  • deal use for internal and external application.
  • Multipurpose polymer for waterproofing and repair.
  • High solid content.
  • Corrosion inhibiting.
  • It is free of fillers and polyvinyl acetate.
  •  Single component liquid can be easily used .
  • Minimizes cracking and Resists moisture .
  •  Improves strength, cohesion, workability, and bond to concrete, masonry, stonework, plaster, and
    cement boards.
  • Improves mortars to provide waterproof repairs, renders and toppings which are highly resistant to
    freeze/thaw cycling.
  • Improved tensile and flexural properties allow thin applications
  • Suitable for use on damp and dry concrete.

CRYST BOND® is available in 5 litter, or 20 liter container.