CRYST DRY-SHAKE® is a crystalline waterproofing dry-shake, specifically designed for treatments on horizontal concrete surfaces of freshly laid concrete such as parking decks and floor slabs that require increased impact and abrasion resistance.

CRYST DRY-SHAKE® becomes an integral part of concrete through a crystallization process, which waterproofs and protects concrete in-depth, addressing the problems that are typically connected with coatings such as scaling, dusting, flaking, and delamination. When CRYST DRY-SHAKE® is applied to the concrete surface the active materials react with water and the cement to form nanocrystals. These crystals fill the pores and cracks in the concrete to block any ingress of water (even under pressure).

Uses for all types of waterproofing and concrete corrosion protection in:

  • Traffic Bearing Surfaces.
  • Warehouse Floors.
  • Power stations
  • Foundation Slabs.
  • Below-grade Structures.
  • Parking Structures.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Improves durability of concrete.
  • Effective against extreme hydrostatic pressure.
  • Protects against water, chloride, sulfate ingress, and chemical attack.
  • Becomes an integral permanent waterproofing.
  • Active crystallization to seal cracks up to 0.5mm wide.
  • Reduces construction scheduling time.
  • Allows concrete to breathe.
  • Protects against concrete carbonation.
  • Non-toxic – ideal for potable water tanks.
  • Can be used in food processing plants
  • No VOCs.

CRYST DRY-SHAKE® is available in 20 kg pails.