CRYST FLEX® is a one-component, elastic sealing coat with a special polymers content that penetrates into the pores of the substrate and seals it permanently.

CRYST FLEX® is ideal for waterproofing all load-bearing and mineral substrates with sufficient strength. It accommodates slight movement in cracks and at correctly specified movement joints. CRYST FLEX® is used for permanently securing interior and exterior waterproofing of buildings against pressurized water.

Uses for all types of waterproofing coating are required or desired (Block – Brick – Stone – Concrete):

  • Below grade: basements, elevator pits, parking structures and foundations of towers, concrete pip, and external wall surfaces to be backfilled in the ground.
  • Water containment: water tanks, Water towers, and storage tanks.
  • Marine structures.
  • Swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and pump rooms.
  • Wet area: bathrooms, shower, kitchens, and laundries.
  • Exterior area: roofs, terraces, and balconies.
  • Before the application of ceramic tiles bonded with adhesives.
  • Inside waterproofing of negative water pressure of walls and floors in basements
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • One-component product, only water needs to be added.
  • Interior and exterior use, above or below grade.
  • Salt and chemical resistance.
  • Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion
  • Protects against concrete carbonation
  • Also designed to be a cementitious binder for tile, ceramic, and marble.
  • High durability to long-term.
  • Effective against extreme hydrostatic pressure from either positive or negative surface of the concrete.
  • Adjustable consistency, easy to apply by brush or trowel.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and mechanical.
  • High adhesion properties on many substrates including concrete, cement mortars, stone, and masonry.
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic – ideal for potable water tanks.
  • Excellent crack-bridging ability.
  • Seamless and jointless coating when applied continuously.

CRYST FLEX® is available in 20 kg bags or pails.