CRYST INJECT MULTI® is a two-component, water-reactive, phthalate-free, low viscous, and elastic polyurethane injection resin. CRYST INJECT MULTI® is designed to have two phases of reaction property. In contact with water, it reacts to a closed-cell elastic foam within seconds. In case there is no water CRYST INJECT MULTI® reacts as an elastic solid resin. This newly developed injection resin combines two injection resin systems in one product (foam and solid resin). Due to its very low viscosity, CRYST INJECT MULTI® has excellent penetrates deep in fine cracks to seal water, moist and dry cracks permanently, making a watertight system.

CRYST INJECT MULTI is used for elastic sealing injection of cracks, voids, and joints in concrete structures, brickwork, and natural and artificial stonework.

Typical areas of application are e.g., tunnels, basements, diaphragm walls, manholes, elevator pits, reservoirs, sewage tanks, water tanks, pools, soil stabilization, etc.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Multi-purpose in one product that can work as elastic solid resin or as foam in contact with water.
  • Can be injected through one component pump.
  • Long processing time when a mixed component is kept in closed condition.
  • High volume expansion within a few seconds.
  • Phthalate-free.
  • Permanent watertight solution.
  • Closed cell foam.
  • Good chemical resistance and alkaline stability.
  • Excellent adhesion to wet surfaces.
  • Shape-retaining does not shrink after curing.
  • Low viscous that have Excellent penetration properties.
  • Ideal for potable water.

Component A : 10 ltr metal canister

Component B : 10 ltr metal canister