CRYST PLUG® is a fast-setting cementitious mortar containing crystalline technology and special additives, which is designed to stop active water leaks in seconds.  CRYST PLUG® can be used internally or externally as plugging leaks or rapid setting repair mortar with a high early compressive strength to prevent water ingress into buildings or concrete structures such as tunnels, tanks, shafts, manholes, and similar.

  • Used to stop active water leaks or seepage under pressure through holes, joints, tie rods, cracks in concrete or masonry walls, swimming pools, water storage facilities, tunnels, fountains, cisterns, water channels, ponds, pipes, basements, foundations, retaining walls and any defects in concrete.
  • Repair the rock pockets leaks.
  • Provides impervious, non-shrinking seal to prevent leakage around pipes, conduits, sanitary equipment, and anchoring of bolts.
  • Fast setting within approximately 60 seconds.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Resist hydrostatic pressure from either the positive or negative surface of the concrete.
  • Will set up and harden underwater.
  • Ability to seal hairline cracks up to 0.5mm wide.
  • Allows concrete to breathe.
  • Non-toxic – ideal for potable water.
  • No VOCs.
  • Provides a permanent watertight seal.
  • A Single component that is easy to use – needs only to be mixed with water prior to application.

CRYST PLUG® is available in 15 kg bags or 15 Kg pails.