CRYST SELF-LEVELING® is a single-component, cement-based, polymer-modified, smooth-flowing, economical, pumpable, fast-setting floor self-leveling underlayment used for repairing, leveling, and coating concrete surfaces. as well as used for profile-oriented maintenance, and cosmetic repair of damaged spots on concrete. When mixed with water it forms a very fluid and flowing mixture, perfectly leveling, with easy application, and good adhesion to the support. CRYST SELF-LEVELING® applied in thicknesses between 3 and 25mm, giving a super flat finish ready to receive final floor coverings including tiles, carpets, resinous flooring systems, parquet, …etc.

CRYST SELF-LEVELING® can be used internally as a screed on concrete for existing floors or under the tiles, carpets, resinous flooring systems, parquet, or other types of floors laying.

  • Aisleways, manufacturing, storage, and shipping.
  • Distribution centers and warehouses.
  • Distressed and worn concrete floors.
  • Rain-damaged slabs.
  • Parking garage floors.
  • Public utilities.
  • Convention hall floors.
  • Showrooms.
  • Floors are designed to meet a specific flatness.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Ready to use with addition of water.
  • Easy to place by pump or manual application.
  • Highly durable.
  • Excellent bonding strength.
  • Highly fluid for pumped or poured application.
  • Crack and shrink-resistant.
  • Rapid high strength gain.
  • Ready for limited foot traffic in four hours.
  • Reduced sound transmission.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Contains zero volatile organic content and is safe for use both outdoors and in confined indoor spaces.

CRYST SELF-LEVELING® is available in 20 kg bags or pails.