CRYST STOPEX® is a cementitious mortar water stop, that reacts within seconds after contact with water and set. It is mineral-based and catalytically accelerated. it is contained special additives that cause the highly reactive process within seconds. CRYST STOPEX® can be used internally or externally as immediate sealing of water ingress in concrete and masonry. The STOPEX mortar adheres to almost all untreated, wet mineral substrates.

Typical areas of application are water leaks in swimming pools, water tanks, tunnels, basements, underground car parks, sewage plants, elevator shafts, dams, and wherever flowing water must be stopped immediately.

  • Very fast setting after contact with water in approximately 30 seconds.
  • Resist hydrostatic pressure from either the positive or negative surface of the concrete.
  • Will set up and harden under water.
  • Permeant watertight.
  • Open for water vapor diffusion.
  • Non-toxic – ideal for potable water.
  • No VOCs.
  • Non-shrink, crack resistant.
  • A single component that is easy to use – needs only to be mixed with water prior to application.

CRYST STOPEX® is available in 15 Kg pails.